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Root canal

When the innermost portion of your tooth gets infected, then you are recommended to undergo root canal treatment to save the tooth. Dr. Dinesh Sharma is a root canal specialist at Dr. Sharma’s Dental clinic, Mohali, doing one-day root canal treatment with latest filling & sealing methods and nickel-titanium endodontic instruments at affordable prices.

Our highly experienced and skilled team of dentists in Mohali strives to offer the most effective and long-lasting root canal treatment in a single sitting, saving our patient’s valuable time, with more successful results.

What is a Root Canal Treatment?

Root canal treatment helps in removing the infected pulp or the nerves that may lie within the tooth’s root. At Dr. Sharma’s Dental Clinic, first, we examine our patients’ tooth and x-rays, before numbing the surrounding area of the affected tooth. Determine the length of the root canal with small needles and remove the infected pulp from the tooth. After that the canals (where the nerve is placed) are prepared and reshaped with a sterile, plastic material to prevent possible future dental infection.

Root Canal Treatment ;

  • Painless treatment
  • Several root canals can normally be completed in a day at our Dr. Sharma’s Dental Clinic.
  • The treatments related to Root canal can only perform by experienced dentists who exclusively practice root canals at Dr. Sharma’s Dental Clinic.
  • Perform root canal treatment under a complete isolation of the tooth by utilizing only advanced dental procedures.

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