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Crown and Bridge Dental Service

Crowns have mainly restored the function of the teeth that may be weakened or decayed by fractures or the treatment of root canal. On the other side, bridge basically replaces one or more teeth by taking the support of the adjacent natural teeth.

We at Dr. Sharma’s Dental clinic are delighted to offer esthetic and functional Crown-&-Bridge dental restorations which are based on latest technologies, CAD/CAM, scanning, etc. Our professional team of dentists is adept in providing not only crowns & bridges, but the entire dental related services in a very gentle way, much to the comfort of the relevant patients. Dr. Sharma uses only the world’s renowned and trusted Procera crowns at his clinic aiming to provide complete individualized prosthetics with the precise fit at unbeatable prices.


When does it require?

Crown and bridge dental service can be required due to the following reasons: after the treatment of root canal; or if your tooth is partially fractured and impossible to restore, then crowns can be an ideal solution for this; or if you find that you have a missing tooth or multiple missing teeth in your mouth – you may require a bridge dental service. As, it helps to prevent the neighboring teeth from shifting or moving into an empty space.

Which type of Crowns and Bridges to choose?

We at Dr. Sharma’s Dental Clinic uses various types of crowns and bridges to improve strength, size and render natural appearance teeth to our patients. Gold and metal crowns, metal ceramic crowns and all ceramic crowns are mainly used at our Dr. Sharma’s Dental Clinic.

Gold and Metal Crowns are quite reasonable tooth-shaped “cap” which is placed over the back teeth due to the poor esthetics. Metal Ceramic Crown is a structure of metal which is used to strengthen, and maintain the natural bite. All Ceramic Crowns are made only with ceramic which are perfectly esthetics and quite difficult to make out any difference between Artificial All-Ceramic Crowns and Natural Teeth. These types of crowns are great for front teeth and even they are not required to be removed if you go for MRI in the future.

Now Don’t wait another day! Call Dr. Sharma’s Dental Clinic at 9876935099 today to learn more about crowns & Bridges, and how our experienced dentists can help you have the smile that you actually deserve.

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