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Some Crucial Dental Facts that Expectant Moms Should Know!

There is a number of misinformation about pregnancy and oral health out there. That’s why here in this post we have compiled some real dental facts to guide you in navigating the facts as well as myths.

Let’s begin with facts, Pregnant women are at higher risk for certain dental conditions like gum disease (which is also known as “pregnancy gingivitis”) and “pregnancy tumors.” But both conditions can be treated, so make sure if you find any of the above mentioned dental conditions in you during your pregnancy, visit your dentist immediately.

On the other side, most of the people believe that calcium for the fetus’ teeth come from their moms’ (to be moms) teeth which are absolutely wrong. Though this common myth originated because the number of expectant mothers faced a greater risk of tooth decay. So it is essential for us to make the particular myth disappear from the pregnant women’s minds.

Experts said that pregnancy is the most critical time to consume calcium. So the truth is that the calcium for the baby’s teeth will not come from the mother’s teeth, but it comes from the mothers’ healthy diet as it helps the fetus to develop properly and reduce the risk of osteoporosis later in life.

Some people also believe that during pregnancy, expectant mothers should never get a dental x-ray. But according to the American Dental Association, dental x-ray is now considered as a safe and non-dangerous treatment for to be mothers. In fact, X-rays are important for them to detect serious oral problems like bone loss, hidden decay, and inflamed tooth pulp. There’s no research has been found in any kind of interconnection between birth defects and dental x-rays. Although a 2004 study shows that expectant women who had dental x-rays encountered an increase in low birth weight among women.

If you have any concerns, talk to Mohali’s renowned dentist – Dr. Sharma, who can help you take a wise decision at the most competitive rates. Not only advice, treatment, but he also gives expectant moms some effective home remedies for healthier teeth results. Some of his DIY care of teeth are below:

Brush your teeth carefully twice a day to prevent periodontal (gum disease) and tooth decay disease.
Clean your teeth regularly with floss or other inter- dental cleaners
For occasional use, consider an anti-plaque mouth rinse (every 3-4 days).
You can take an appointment with Dr. Sharma to learn the correct tricks of brushing and floss as well. Call at 9876935099 to book an appointment today!

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